How to Become a Member

Each member household pays a monthly housing charge (like rent) to cover the costs of operating the co-op. Some households pay the market housing charge, and others pay an assisted housing charge that is based on income. The market housing charge is usually less than the rent in a similar private rental unit in the area because we are non-profit, member-run housing. An assisted housing charge is about 30 percent of the gross monthly household income.

Housing charge assistance is provided by the County of Wellington under their guidelines and administration.

Members enjoy the same kind of unit and all the benefits of membership regardless of whether they pay the market charge or an assisted charge.

How to apply

1. Applicants looking for geared-to-income housing subsidy must be on the County waiting list. We are required to select potential members from that list when an eligible unit becomes available. Fill out an application on the Wellington County Housing Services website, but be prepared for a long wait

Steps to becoming a member of Cole Road Co-op:

  1. Fill out an application from our website, for market rate units, or from Wellington County Housing Services for subsidized units. You will remain on the County waiting list until a unit becomes available. In either case, be prepared for a long wait for an available unit.
  2. When a unit becomes available, and you are at the top of the waiting list, we will do a landlord check. If money is owed to any previous housing provider, your application WILL NOT be considered until this is paid in full. However, if someone does owe arrears at another housing provider, and they have a payment plan in place and it is being followed, they are still eligible to move into Cole Road Co-op.
  3. If there are no identified problems your application will be presented to the Member Selection Committee, and you will be given an interview. All people over 16 in your household are required to attend the interview. We want people who move into our co-op to be educated about co-ops so they will understand their obligations and be good co-op members, so please read the information on this website.
  4. After the interview the Member Selection Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors whether to accept your application for membership. The Board of Directors will then vote, and you will be contacted with the decision.

Application Form

We are not accepting Market Unit applications at this time.

Housing Charges

Two Bedroom

$925.00 Monthly

Three Bedroom

$1.032.00 Monthly

Included – Water

Not Included – Hydro, Gas, Water Heater Rental, Cable TV and Phone