A message from your Board of Directors:

Hello Members,


We would like to update the membership about the progress and work that is going on.  


There has been an extraordinary amount of work going into confidential issues and it remains a priority to deal with these issues as they come up.  We have been working really hard to address concerns and complaints and would like to remind the membership that if there are any issues you would like addressed, please send them to the board of directors in writing/email.  Please list the date and times of any events you are reporting.  We have a new email set up now to which these can be sent:







We hope everyone is healthy and safe still.  This has been a long journey, but we are slowly getting there.  Our playground still remains closed and we will update you all when we are given the go-ahead to open it back up.  


One thing the Board has been discussing is our Members Meetings (such as our ABM that was going to be held in March, but needed to be postponed)
and how COVID has affected them (or the lack of them!).  We will be sending out a survey to see what the membership thinks about holding a general meeting online (probably the Zoom platform).  We are unsure of who in our community would be able to use this format, or would be interested in this format.  The issues that need addressing at our general meetings are piling up and since we are not sure yet how much longer we will be remaining under lock down for larger gatherings, we are looking into alternatives.  And I'm sure none of us want to sit through even longer Members Meetings than necessary!  Please keep a look out for the survey.


We have been unable to fill vacant units during the COVID crisis.  We have been given the ok to now start interviewing people so the board will be conducting interviews soon and we will be having some new neighbours joining us in the next while. We currently have 5 vacant units here in the co-op.  





Again, as we noted on a past update, some projects are on hold until the COVID restrictions have been lifted.  The camera project is one of these, and as you have seen in the latest memo, the big bins that the co-op has had in the past have been cancelled.  The reasons were outlined in the memo.


The expansion project continues to be on our agenda and we are still trying to capture some funding.  One round of possible funding that we were pursuing was not given to us, so we are looking at alternatives with the company we are working with -TWC - Tim Welch Consulting Inc.  This is a long ongoing project, and again there are delays due to COVID.


The washing machines and dryers in the community center will be getting repaired and professionally cleaned.  We don't have a date for when this will take place yet, but we will update you (probably on Facebook) when we receive that information.  


There will be some landscaping maintenance being done soon, as we are currently getting quotes.  We are aware that now that our co-op is ageing it is requiring more maintenance especially with the plants.  They certainly grow quickly!


Speaking of the grounds, another project that is in the works (we are applying for funding for it) is to have all the privacy fences replaced in the co-op.  This is a big project and is necessary.  Many of the privacy fences are in bad shape and they are quite old now.  


The other project we applied for funding for is to replace the entrance doors and screen doors, and the entrance door to the community room.  We may NOT get the funding to do those projects (fences and doors), but we'll keep the community up to date as things unfold.






The board would also like to announce that Kathleen Furtak has resigned from the board for personal reasons.  There is a vacancy available and we would encourage members to consider joining our team.  The latest memo that was put in each members mailbox addressed the credentials needed for this position.  The board meets the second and fourth Monday evening of the month.  Please reach out to any board member or staff if you are interested. 


Again, as always we wish each and every one of you that calls this place home a safe and healthy summer.  There has been lots of changes and many more to come and we aim to support each other as we all navigate this unprecedented time.  



The Board of Directors (written in collaboration by the board members following our recent meeting on June 22, 2020)