Cole Road Co-operative Community Inc. By-Law 2015.09

Member Relations By-Law
Passed by the Board of Directors on 26 September 2007; Confirmed by the Members on 30 September 2007
1.1 Co-op Vision Statement
  1. Co-op Vision Statement
    1. Cole Road Co-operative Community offers a safe, affordable and attractive co-operative housing environment to our members and their children.
    2. We take pride in being founded on co-operative values.
    3. We respect and value the diversity of our backgrounds, cultures, skills and personal needs.
    4. We recognize a shared responsibility to be involved in the effective operation of the co-op and ongoing development of our community.
    5. We work together to improve the lives of all, taking account of our needs as individuals, families, friends and neighbours.
    6. We support each other through team work, creativity and communication.
    7. We actively promote a model of democracy, equality, compassion and personal security.
  2. Cole Road Co-operative Community is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing for people of different backgrounds, needs and talents.
  3. The members have put in place reasonable standards to live by. These standards are in By-Law 2015.02. the Occupancy By-Law.
1.2 Goals
To help resolve disputes within the Cole Road Co-operative Community in a fair and positive way.
  1. To promote good relations between members, and to work toward creating a healthy, safe and positive social environment within the community.
  2. To promote the development of Cole Road Co-operative as a community, and to establish a process for dealing with conflict within the Co-op.


The Co-op recognizes that education is necessary if members are to live up to the goals we have set for our community. The Co-op will offer regular member relations education as part of its annual program. This education will include the following points:

  • Every member will receive a copy of this By-Law.
  • The Co-op will give members the opportunity to attend a workshop in Conflict Resolution at least once every two years, either in or outside the Co-op).
    • The Conflict Resolution Workshops are available to all members.
    • Only those who have completed the workshop can participate on the Member Relations Committee.
    • The Annual Budget will include an amount for education of Member Relations Committee members.
4.1 Purpose
  1. This By-Law sets out the guidelines for dealing with conflicts with:
    1. Other members;
    2. Members’ families or guests; or
    3. The Board or committees.
  2. The Board of Directors will set up a Member Relations Committee and establish its terms of reference to assist this process. In the event that this committee is not operational, its functions may be carried out by the Board of Directors.
4.2 The Role of the Member Relations Committee
  1. The Member Relations Committee helps resolve disputes within the Cole Road Co-operative Community in a fair and positive way.
  2. The committee will act as a facilitator and guide the members to a positive resolution.
4.3 Process
  1. Members who are in conflict with one another must first try to resolve the matter between themselves.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved, then a ‘Conflict Resolution Form’ (may be picked up outside the office door) must be completed. When the form has been completed, it needs to be handed in at the office, and a staff member will then forward it to the Member Relations Chair.
  3. The Chair will call a meeting with his/her committee members. It will be at this meeting that the information, as recorded on the ‘Conflict Resolution Form’, will be shared.
  4. After the committee has reviewed the information, one member from the Member Relations Committee will be asked to contact the parties (as named on the form), at which time the committee member will briefly explain his/her reason for calling, leaving with the member(s) a copy of a ‘Conflict Resolution Form’, requesting that he/she complete his/her own ‘Form’, expressing his/her side as to what the conflict is all about. It will be explained to the Second Party that he/she needs to return the completed Form to the Member Relations Committee Chair within 10 days of receiving it.
  5. If the conflict cannot be resolved through the above process, or mediation is not viable or wanted (as the process up to this point is voluntary), the matter/issue will then be referred to the Board of Directors by the Member Relations Chair.
4.4 Commitment to Confidentiality
  1. The Board will require members of the Member Relations Committee to sign a Declaration of Confidentiality. This declaration is one of two conditions of membership on the committee.
  2. All written correspondence between the Member Relations Chair (as well as other committee members0 and those members who are involved in any given conflict will be stored in a locked file in the office with access only to the committee chair and co-op staff.
  3. The Board will have access to an individual complaint only if the matter has been referred to the Board by the Member Relations Chair.
4.5 Conflict of Interest
  1. Any member of the Member Relations Committee who has a conflict of interest must declare it and withdraw from the process.
  2. Any complainant who has a conflict with a committee member, who is involved in the resolution process must submit this conflict in writing.
The steps in the mediation process will be as follows:
  1. Two trained members of the committee (the mediators), will meet saoarately with the people involved regarding the conflict.
  2. The mediators will facilitate, encourage and guide both parties to work toward a resolution.
  3. The committee members never impose a solution. They can only guide the parties to a positive resolution. The parties must always find their own solution.
  4. The meetings between parties will be held in the co-op’s meeting room.
  5. Everyone involved in the process of resolving the conflict must remain respectful, even when we agree to disagree. We agree that our discussions will remain confidential.
CERTIFIED to be a true copy of By-law No. 2015.09 of Cole Road Co-operative Community passed by the Board of Directors at a meeting held on 26 September 2007 and confirmed by a two thirds vote at a meeting of members held on 30 September 2007.