Cole Road Co-operative Community Inc. By-Law 2015.06

Pet By-Law
A bylaw respecting the ownership of pets by members of the Co-operative.
WHEREAS the co-operative adopted a pet bylaw, the Co-operative wishes to update and amend this bylaw and enact a pet agreement between the pet owner and the co-operative.

At Cole Road Co-operative Community, the ownership of a household pet is a privilege not a right and this privilege, once given, may be withdrawn by a vote of the Board of Directors.

The Co-op requires responsible care of pets, and care and protection against damage of Co-op property in accordance with the Co-op Bylaws.

The rights of Co-op members, children, Co-op occupants and visitors to safety and quiet enjoyment on Co-op property have priority over the privilege of Co-op members to keep pets.

The privilege will be granted by execution of a Pet Agreement between the Co-op and member(s) prior to the member(s) bringing a pet to the Co-op.


The Co-operative will allow members to have pets in accordance with this Bylaw.

Pets in the Co-operative are a privilege rather than a right.
Pet owners are expected to treat their pets humanely and with respect. Pet owners will ensure that their animals have sufficient food and water and care when the owner is absent from their unit for any period of time.
All uncontained pets must be registered at the Co-op office and the owners of the pet(s) must sign a Pet Agreement.
1.5 Members who currently have a number of pets that exceeds the permitted number of pets as written in Articles 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 prior to the approval of this Bylaw Amendment, will be exempt. However, when a pet(s) permanently leaves the household, the member may not replace the pet(s) in order to comply with the aforementioned articles.
Members may have only 3 (three) uncontained pets that they own in any one unit.
The Co-operative will allow a maximum of 5(five) properly housed and caged animals (in a cage or terrarium, e.g. bird, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, rat, lizard).
A reasonable number of properly housed and cared for fish is allowed, as long as there are no species that contravene Municipal bylaws. Due to water weight concerns of fish tanks, the total volume of water per unit is 50(fifty) gallons. Any damage done to co-op property caused by fish tanks will be the responsibility of the member(s). Refer to Article 4.
Some species of pets are not allowed, including but not limited to: farm animals (e.g. goats, pigs, cows, horses, etc.); and any animal banned (e.g. Pit Bulls, and Pit Bull crosses) by any Municipal, Provincial or Federal law, regulation, Bylaw or order, including those made by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Uncontained pets are subject to the following restrictions when not in a unit of the Co-operative:

  1. Dogs must be leashed and under the direct control of a member when in any common area (as also specified in City Bylaws).
  2. Dogs must be properly secured on a member’s external property. A rope or chain must not be allowed to reach the common area or a neighbour’s property.
Properly trained assistance animals used by those with a disability are excluded from this section of the bylaw.
Members who have guest animals residing in their unit must register the pet as required and sign or update the Pet Agreement. After thirty (30) days, an extension can be given to a maximum of ninety (90) days. If the pet is still in the household after the ninety (90) day extension the pet must be registered with the co-op.
2.8 Breeding and boarding of any animal is not permitted.
All pets must be registered with the Cole Road Co-operative Community office. Dogs must be licensed with the City of Guelph, including their most recent rabies tag, and members must sign and comply with the Pet Policy Agreement.
Outdoor cats are required to be identified by a tag, including their most recent rabies tag.
Any dog or untagged cat found running at large on Co-operative property will be turned over to Animal Control at the first opportunity.
The member(s) not the Co-op, is liable for any damage caused by any pet belonging to
the member(s), their family or guest. This includes damage to their unit, another
member’s unit, common areas, property of the Co-operative, and any injury to a
member, their guest(s), or another pet.
Members must have their pets spayed or neutered, and provide proof to the office subject to appeal to the Board. All dogs, cats and rabbits must be vaccinated yearly against rabies and contact contagious diseases (distemper, respiratory infections ect.) Parasite infections must be controlled and eliminated in a timely fashion and owner’s will be liable for any control and remedial measures required by the co-op.
Grievances under this policy are to be taken up by the offended member(s) first of all with the owner(s) of the pet(s) involved and then with the member Relations Committee in accordance with the provision of the co-op's bylaws. Members may bring forth to the Board of Directors any urgent situations.
In the case of an urgent matter regarding a pet, the member responsible for the pet (and the owner, if different) and all parties involved will be issued a Schedule D (order to appear before the Board) in an attempt to resolve the issues. If the member fails to appear or does not comply with the agreed resolution than a Schedule E (notice of eviction) will be implemented.
All pet owners must not encourage or permit their pets to create a nuisance, noise or
behave in any manner that causes a disturbance to the safety or quiet enjoyment of
anyone else while on Co-op premises (inside or outside). Dogs barking outside for
long periods of time will not be tolerated by the Co-op. This is also in compliance with
the City of Guelph Noise Bylaw.
Pet owners or their guests, are required to clean up after their pets immediately after any defecation whether on co-op, municipal or other private property in accordance with the municipal bylaw. The co-op will take action to seek enforcement of the municipal bylaw when a violation is reported to the Co-ordinator or Member Relations Committee, and members are encouraged to act similarly on their own initiative as responsible citizens. Pet owners, or members at the discretion of the Board, shall be financially responsible for cleaning pet feces, urine, or spray, or other damage caused in their or another unit, or in any Co-op common areas.
Notwithstanding Article 6 of this Bylaw, any animal that is witnessed attacking a person or another animal will be immediately reported to the Animal Control and local authorities.
CERTIFIED to be a true copy of By-law No. 2015.06 of Cole Road Co-operative Community passed by the Board of Directors at a meeting held on 09 February 2015 and confirmed by a two thirds vote at a meeting of members held on 01 March 2015.