How to apply


All applicants for membership must attend an information meeting. Applicants for an unsubsidized market value unit will be waiting for a very long time before we can offer them a unit. Applicants looking for geared to income subsidy must be on the County waiting list. We must call from that list when we have an information meeting scheduled.

    There are 5 Steps to becoming a member of Cole Road Co-op:

  1. Get on the County of Wellington Central Waiting List (CWL). Go to the Housing Services on Wyndham St. (in the old Post Office building) and fill out an application. Or go to the County's web site for more information. Four of the six Guelph co-ops receive RGI subsidy funding from the County.
  2. Wait for someone from our Member Selection Committee to call and invite you to our next information meeting. You and EVERYONE in your household who is over the age of 16 MUST attend this information meeting. (Attendance will be recorded).
  3. At the information meeting you will learn about co-operative living. If you decide it is for you, you will be given an application to join the Cole Road Co-operative Community.
  4. We will do a landlord reference check and a credit check. If these are suitable, you will then be called for an interview. The results of the interview are then forwarded to the co-op's Board of Directors for review and final decision regarding your acceptance for membership.
  5. If you are accepted for membership you will be added to our external waiting list. You will be contacted once your household reaches the top of the list and an appropriate unit is available.