Vision Statement, General Meetings

About Cole Road Co-op

Cole Road Co-operative Community has 82 townhouse units, a Community Center and a playground. It was incorporated in July 1990. The first members of the co-op moved into their homes on June 1, 1991. At that time, we were called Priory Square Housing Co-op. We changed our name approximately 10 years later.

We are one of six housing co-operatives located in the City of Guelph. Of these six co-ops, Cole Road is the third oldest and second largest. The first two co-ops in the area (Windfield and Silverwood) were built under a federal government program through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Cole Road and the other three co-ops (Royal City, Wyndham Hill and Fife Road) were sponsored by a series of Ontario government programs. The federal and Ontario governments stopped supporting the construction of new co-ops and other affordable housing in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

The 82 families living in our co-op are a diverse group. We have members who come from several different countries, including Canada. We have, or have had, members from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, England, Eritrea, Grenadines, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, and probably a few other places.

We have five 2-bedroom townhouses modified to accommodate deaf people.

Vision Statement

Cole Road Co-operative Community offers a safe, affordable and attractive co-operative housing environment to our members and their children.

We take pride in being founded on co-operative values.

We respect and value the diversity of our backgrounds, cultures, skills and personal needs.

We recognize a shared responsibility to be involved in the effective operation of the co-op and the ongoing development of our community.

We work together to improve the lives of all, taking account of our needs as individuals, families, friends and neighbours.

We support each other through teamwork, creativity and communication.

We actively promote a model of democracy, equality, compassion and personal security.

This Vision Statement was created between March and May 2001.


General Meetings


At least twice a year (usually in the Spring and Fall), everyone in the co-op gets together at a General Meeting to make decisions on issues affecting the co-op. The key decisions that only members can make include passing bylaws, electing the Board of Directors, and approving both the annual budget and the audited financial statements for the co-op. Most other decisions are made either by the co-op's Board of Directors or by one of the committees. Day to day management (as well as community development) is handled by the co-op's employees (the Co-ordinator and Financial Administrator) who report to the Board of Directors.